July 27, 2020

To Workout 24-7 members! From Godfrey Perrott
Re New Manager

I’m delighted to announce that Krystal Kerns is the new manager of Workout 24-7. Many of you know that Molly (who has done a great job) has decided to move to Sacramento CA to be closer to her kids. Molly is not leaving town for a couple of weeks, so she will be around to help with the transition.

Krystal is excited to take over our beloved community gym. She is a 2008 graduate from Telstar, and moved back home to Bethel in November from Arkansas. Her love of fitness started when she was 15. She is certified in personal training and group fitness.

The gym is a vital part of our community. I was very happy when Molly agreed to take it on last February and very disappointed when she told me she and Mike had decided to move to Sacramento. I am thrilled that Krystal has stepped forward.

Our goal is to continue to build on all of the strengths we have, improve where needed and sustain a healthy, welcoming environment for all ages and fitness levels.

Patti Truman will still offer her awesome personal training

We would like to hear from YOU about any future changes you would like. I can be reached at godfrey@perrotts.com or 617 818 7614. More importantly Krystal can be reached at krystal.kerns@gmail.com or 501-203-8586

Here is Krystal’s photo so you can recognize her. She is looking forward to meeting you all and enjoying our community gym together! 

Stay safe; be well,

Godfrey Perrott Owner

Welcome to Workout 24-7!

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YES….YOU REALLY CAN COME IN 24 HOURS A DAY…ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE…….Once you have a pin number activated with your membership purchase you can access the gym 24 hours a day, every day of the year!!!