COVID19 Reopening Regulations

We have adopted rules to conform to the special regulations put forth by the State of Maine for fitness centers reopening.  By entering the gym you agree to practice and self police the following rules:

  1. NO MORE THAN 5 PEOPLE TOTAL IN THE GYM, nor more than 2 people may be in a room, at any time.  You might need to wait your turn.

  2. Do not enter if: 

    a. You have been traveling out of state within the last 14 days

    b. You have symptoms or positive test of COVID19 (fever, sore throat, difficulty breathing, etc.)

    c. You have been exposed to someone with COVID19 within the last 14 days

  3. Use hand sanitizer upon entering.

  4. Keep a 14’ distance from others unless you are wearing a mask.  Keep 6’ distance if both of you are wearing masks. Face masks ARE recommended when possible (low impact so as not to inhibit breathing).

  5. Clean equipment BEFORE and AFTER using, with the spray bottles provided.  (They contain an EPA approved solution to kill germs.).

  6. Locker rooms/showers are CLOSED

  7. Notify Molly IMMEDIATELY if you test positive for COVID19.

  8. If you observe any member violating any of these rules you must point it out to them and notify Molly.  Please do not try to enforce the rules yourself, and just leave if you are not comfortable.

  9. Anyone violating these rules risks having their membership terminated without refund. If there are multiple violations of the rules we will close the gym without refunds.

We want the gym to be a safe welcoming place at this time, and are doing our best to ensure that.  We don’t like rules, but feel these rules are necessary.  Please help us and your fellow members. 

Thanks for your cooperation.

Anyone who needs to contact Molly may email at or call/text at 207-899-6190.

Molly Megquier Washo – Manager

Godfrey Perrott – Owner