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Meet Our Personal Trainers………….

Ashley Coe:

I’m a mom of three young children living in Bethel, Maine. I have always loved
health and fitness, but as with any journey I follow many paths- outdoor
adventures, trail running, Bodybuilding competitions, and weightlifting. Injuries
and life circumstances have spurred changes throughout the years and continued
to motivate me to learn and adapt.
I have experience training clients with a variety of goals: general fitness, weight
loss, bodybuilding, and endurance clients. Combining knowledge from
certifications and personal experience, I see each client as a unique puzzle. Together we can figure out what works best for you to reach your specific goals efficiently and effectively.
And most importantly maintain the success you have worked hard for!
Custom nutrition plans and nutrition coaching is also available. You achieve your nutrition goals with
simple and adaptable meal plans and customized strategies. Sustainability in nutrition is through small,
incremental lifestyle changes and not rigid structure and inadaptability. I look forward to working with you!



Patti Truman:

Certifications:  Zumba, Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba and Zumba Burst, ISSA Personal Trainer and IDEA member.

Patti is trained as a Group Fitness Instructor and has successfully taught classes for over 7 years.

She possesses a proven track record in helping clients achieve fitness goals through customized exercises programs designed specifically for clients with optimal results consisting of developing lean muscle, weight loss, strength training and much more. With a background in counseling, she understands that most concerns begin from what’s behind the eye.

Trained and certified through the International Sports Sciences Association, her work consists of various isometric, isotonic and isokinetic exercise for she develops her program with the understanding that the most advanced fitness machine ever created is your own body!

Whether your a part time fitness enthusiast or a full time athlete she can develop a program that works for you with a love of motivating and inspiring people of all ages.

Call Patti today to schedule your personal overview of the facility’s equipment operations, or a part-time/full-time training regimen.

(207) 890-7712 or email

PSA: Our trainers are fully insured and happy to help